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The Reggae Rock Star

With so many artists out there trying to make their mark in the music industry, many people ask, “What makes you different?” Some answer back with style and grace, others solely rely upon the written/spoken words of their lyrics, hoping to influence the minds of today’s youth with fresh ideals. Despite whatever route they may take, being more than just a dot in this world definitely takes one thing – diversity. Although his professional music career didn’t really started until the age of 20, Robert Alexander Wilson, also known as Maddadan, was heavily influenced by the arts. His diversity has led him on a path of becoming a strong prospect in the music industry, not only in the genre of reggae, but being apt to transfer his experiences and styles to other genres such as Rock, Rap and R&B. Someone who is able to transition so with much ease is saying a lot; not only about their talent, but their character as well. As cliché as it may sound, Maddadan is man on a mission, and he will not disappoint those who are constantly in search for something daring and unique. 

Maddadan was born in the United States of America, but raised like a true Jamaican. His love for music has been with him before he could even walk. He grew up to be a jack-of-all-trades, pursuing his interests in the mediums of art, music, film and more. Before experimenting with reggae, he had his success in the alternative rock genre as a guitarist and vocalist in a local band. That experience added more drive and determination for him to make it as an artist.




Kareem "K-Rock" Williams was born on June 23, 1984, in Queens, New York. He began his musical career at the young age of four years old when he received his first drum set. He started playing drums at the Majority Baptist Church, where his family attended church, under Reverend Walter A. Jones's leadership. Kareem began to play for various ministries throughout the tri-state area by the age of 13. He later played and developed more of his skill under Bishop Hezekiah Walker and Love Fellowship Tabernacle's leadership. From this union, many different opportunities became available to him. He played his first recording with Bishop J. Wilcox and the Bishop's Choir in Trenton, NJ. From then on, he began to play professionally and was able to tour with Pastor Donnie McClurkin. Furthermore, Kareem has played for some of the Gospel greats, such as Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Bishop Marvin Winans, Elder Jae Nixon & Dunamis, Godfather of Gospel Music, The Late Pastor Timothy Wright.Today, Kareem is currently playing for Overseer Raheem Caldwell and Restoration Prophetic Outreach Ministry in Brooklyn, New York, and gospel group Andre Byrd & 180.Kareem has a playing style influenced by various drummers such as Calvin Rodgers, Chris Coleman, and Eddie Heywood. Also, Kareem has worked with Shawn Haynes ft. Rhusty Milk and Bruff Da Crowd Pleaser and more presently, is currently working with EVA FRESH CORP. with artist and producer MADDADAN. As an artist who wants to give back to his community and help establish roots for youths in his community, Kareem has a dream of one day starting his own drum school.




Anton Mitchell was born on April 5, 1992, a true native of Jamaica, Queens; Anton's roots are dug deep in this culturally diverse boughor. From a very young age, Anton got his taste of what is to be the start of a successful audio engineering career in elementary school as he was setting up small Fender Passport PA systems for his teachers. When Anton was 14, he was introduced to Christian Cultural Center, where more formal training as an audio technician was received. Fast forward several years later, and at the age of 18, he was already entirely hands-on running audio systems in night clubs and weddings. As a touring engineer, the little kid from Jamaica, Queens, has now further his audio footprints by working with artists both locally and in cities worldwide.

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