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With so many artists out there trying to make their mark in the music industry, many people ask, “What makes you different?” Some answer back with style and grace, others solely rely upon the written/spoken words of their lyrics, hoping to influence the minds of today’s youth with fresh ideals. Despite whatever route they may take, being more than just a dot in this world definitely takes one thing – diversity. Although his professional music career didn’t really started until the age of 20, Robert Alexander Wilson, also known as Maddadan, was heavily influenced by the arts. His diversity has led him on a path of becoming a strong prospect in the music industry, not only in the genre of reggae, but being apt to transfer his experiences and styles to other genres such as Rock, Rap and R&B. Someone who is able to transition so with much ease is saying a lot; not only about their talent, but their character as well. As cliché as it may sound, Maddadan is man on a mission, and he will not disappoint those who are constantly in search for something daring and unique. 
Maddadan was born in the United States of America, but raised like a true Jamaican. His love for music has been with him before he could even walk. He grew up to be a jack-of-all-trades, pursuing his interests in the mediums of art, music, film and more. Before experimenting with reggae, he had his success in the alternative rock genre as a guitarist and vocalist in a local band. That experience added more drive and determination for him to make it as an artist.


In Her Bag

Maddadan has summarized and consolidated yet another unique intimate song. “In her bag”. as told by Maddadan is pertaining to beautiful women’s past and or current emotional and sexual desires. Please to enjoy my beautiful succulent instrumentals and well felt composed lyrics.

Maddadan- In her bag (reference mix)

Maddadan’s Production


Maddadan Live Performance at GT Taylor's Christmas Extravaganza

Maddadan gives yet another phenomenal performance on GT Taylor's Christmas Extravaganza, Independence Park, Black River, St Elizabeth, 2011.

"Black river,
Me can't believe she find another man!, Look how she swear up and down how she loved Mr.Maddadan!"

With those few words Maddadan swept everyone off there feet and received a phenomenal encore.

Maddadan was also accompanied by dancehall and reggae heavy weights such as Bounty Killer, Mavado, Coco Tea, I Octane, Aidonia, Kkago, John Holt, Macka Diamond, D'Angel, Professor Nuts, Tony Matterhorn, Iley Dread, Kiprich Twins Of Twins, Spice, Lutan Fyah, Romain Virgo, Chuck Fender, Warrior King, Harry Toddler, Charley Blacks and Junior X. The lineup also includes Hezron, Toya, Tanto Blacks, villa Dutch, Ibahmar, Zamunda, Baby Chris, Mikeylous, Chi Ching Ching, Specialist, Brimstone, Acid, Calli Blaxx, and Hitman Walley.

"There's no turning back now, I am ready for the world."

Maddadan's Live Performance at The Shrine 2018

Maddadan performing live at the Shrine 2018. Maddadan, the reggae rock star captivates Harlem's heart with a miraculous mind blowing performance. Maddadan was also backed by the Celebrity Band. For more information, new music, video and bookings on the reggae rock star.

Maddadan Live Performance at Jamaica Magnum Reggae Sting 2014.

Maddadan takes it to the big foundation stage at, Jamaica Magnum Sting 2014. After meeting with Promoter and Founder Reggae Sting - Laing, Maddadan walked out of said meeting with a smile on his smile face. An exertion with confirmation made by Laing himself.

" We have ourselves a Deejay!"

Maddadan was booked for Sting 2014.

"To be on the foundation stage show that can either make or break everything that I've worked for over the years is simply a true blessings. Hard work and determination defiantly pays off."

Maddadan alongside acts like,  Capleton, Ninja Man, Aidonia, Tarrus Riley, Etana, I Wayne, Iba Mahr, Kabaka Pyramid, Tommy Lee, Gage, Demarco ,Masicka, Kalado, Teflon, Droop Lion,Ryno VS Kiprich Rematch and the New Sensation Gully Bop...

Embrace Maddadan on reggae magnum sting 2014.

New Single

MV and live performances

Throughout the course of his musical career, Maddadan has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues, making dozens of appearances, all the while recording new singles, Maddadan has earned the admiration and affection of countless fans, serving as both inspiration and role model.

Press Photos

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